During a crisis, extra care may be needed to collect critical cash.  Thankfully, there are a few simple things that we can review to insure the best possible outcomes in a difficult situation.


  1. Establish that you are talking to the correct person responsible for the debt.
  2. Set the tone for the conversation by smiling (either on the phone or in person).
  3. Thank the consumer for utilizing your services.
  4. Show empathy and understanding.
  5. State the facts, kindly.
  6. Ask open ended questions to gain understanding of the real issues.
  7. Offer the options available to the consumer.
  8. Work to come to a reasonable agreement that provides a win for both parties.
  9. Thank the consumer again before ending conversation.
  10. Note the account and schedule any follow-up that might be necessary.


If we are kind, it is amazing how much further we can get with a stressed out consumer.  Use empathy to insure that your company has the best possible chance of remaining financially healthy.  Your cash flow will thank you.


Ken Dulaney

Alliance Collection Service, Inc.