Many healthcare organizations in today’s challenging economy recognize their workforce as their most valuable asset.  As such, these organizations tend to hold workforce development as a primary business strategy.

Investment in developing the talents, knowledge and skill sets of staffs are critical to the organization’s success. HFMA’s Healthcare Financial Pulse research identified this dynamic and noted that successful organizations today commit to the “bread and butter” of financial management, i.e. technically strong and comprehensive financial management.

Likewise, many individual financial managers today recognize the importance of assuming personal responsibility for their careers’ success. More than ever before, individuals understand the importance of acquiring and maintaining comprehensive skill sets to ensure their ability to provide the financial management demanded today. These individuals frequently seek out relevant professional development opportunities.

Certification Programs with HFMA

The larger business environment resulting from these forces is a heightened interest in workforce development initiatives including certifications and credentialing. Credentialing programs have exploded across the past couple of decades and include:

  • professional associations offering certifications

  • community colleges offering curriculum-based certificates

  • corporate sponsored in-house credentials for employees

  • technology companies providing proprietary credentials to customers


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