How do I join?2017-07-31T21:17:04-05:00

Simply go to HFMA.org, which is national organization website.  Click “Membership” then “Join”.  When you sign up remember to specify that you would like to join the Mississippi Chapter of HFMA.

What is the value for Vendors with MS HFMA?2017-07-31T21:17:04-05:00

There is no better investment for vendors than a membership, sponsorship, and participation in your state HFMA chapter.  This is where the decision makers go for networking and current education opportunities.  Our members make a point to visit with each vendor whenever possible and appreciate your participation in events and committees.  Mississippi HFMA is where relationships begin and flourish, paying long term dividends for your company that you will appreciate for decades.


Can I gain or maintain my certification?2017-07-31T21:17:04-05:00

Yes to both.  National certification and continuing education are a main focus of our chapter and the national organization.  We can help you with both.

Who joins MS HFMA and why?2017-07-31T21:17:04-05:00

Answer:  Anyone that works in the health finance world needs to be a member of HFMA.  From local clinic patient accounts department personnel to major health system CFO’s and Administrators, HFMA provides the best educational resources available, the best networking opportunities, and the most cost effective education opportunities at the local, state, and national level.